Photo albums

  1. Gatwa Pontien says:

    Murebe uko twajya tuboherereza amafoto y’ino aha cyane events ziba zabaye babeshya abantu cyangwa bari kubatera ubwoba

    • Rwanda Nziza broadcasting says:

      ushobora kwohereza ayo mafoto kuri bazayereka abanyarwanda bose kwisi yose ibyo bikorwa bya Leta ya Kagame ikorera abanyarwanda

      • Kanakuze says:

        For sure, i will send you photos of achievements done up to now, more than on million Rwandans have passed the line of poverty, the country infrastructures were built, education for all has become a reality where every administrative sector will have at least a secondary school, malnutrition was fought where every poor family received a modern cow, and so on… All were achieve because of the high plan, foreseeable projects of the government led by HE Paul Kagame.

  2. Cynthia says:

    L-a-m-e means lame

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