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Radio Itahuka yagiranye ikiganiro na Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa kuwa 27 Gashyantare 2012

Radio Itahuka Ijwi ryIhuriro Nyarwanda 02/26 by Healing Rwanda with Dr T | Blog Talk Radio.


Radio Itahuka yagiranye ikiganiro na Lt. Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa igice cyakabiri (part2)

Radio Itahuka Ijwi ryIhuriro Nyarwanda 02/27 by Healing Rwanda with Dr T | Blog Talk Radio.

Radio Itahuka Ijwi ryIhuriro Nyarwanda 02/28 by Healing Rwanda with Dr T | Blog Talk Radio.

Mobilising Rwandan people for peaceful change

The saga between Kagame and France continues. It is a familiar story that sometimes sounds like a children’s fairy tale. The latest is France recalling its Ambassador to Kigali, whom many have referred to as a French RPF cadre. Reason? Kagame does not want the new French nominee to the diplomatic post in Kigali because “she is too close to the French Foreign Minister”, Alain Juppe, whom

Kagame considers “hostile to Rwanda’s interests”!. Judging from the past rhythm of the Kagame-Sarkozy dance, Kagame throws a tantrum and then Paris finally backs down and does Kagame’s bidding. Kagame expelled the French Ambassador a couple of years ago, and the next time Sarkozy was in Kigali. Kagame daily insults the French and then they invite him to France. He denounces the French as the accomplices to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda ( Read Mutsinzi and Mucyo reports) and the Trevidic report comes out at best lukewarm and at worst plays into the Kagame hands with respect to the shooting down of the Habyarimana plane.
Kagame’s whole diplomatic venture with France is a gamble to prevent the truth coming out with regard to the terrorist crime he committed by ordering the shooting down of the Habyarimana plane. He knows that his legitimacy and future hang on this decisive landmark event. He will spend any political and economic resources to manipulate or blackmail the French and the international public opinion to frustrate and subvert the course of justice. When any pretence of civility fails, he will resort to primitive violence.
Kagame has absolute power in Rwanda, and he often boasts that he can always do whatever he wants. He calls his personal interests “Rwanda’s interests”. He thinks and acts as if Rwanda’s national interests are synonymous with his personal interests. He is Rwanda. Rwanda is him. He has forgotten or ignored that France is another sovereign country? If other countries accept Kagame’s diplomats, some of whom are really his house boys and girls , or sometimes agents on criminal errands to kill refugees, who is he to question France’s legitimate choice of their diplomats?
The one-million dollar question is why France ( or Sarkozy?) would pursue a counter-productive or futile policy of appeasement on Kagame? Kagame will never change his posture on France unless Paris proclaims him innocent of the crime of shooting down of the plane. And even when they do that, he will ask them to kneel before him and ask for forgiveness for having been accomplices in the 1994 genocide. Like the English saying, they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. If France is operating out of the guilt of the past like the rest of the international community, they better outgrow it and deal with Kagame firmly, in the interest of Rwanda and all of its citizens. If they have other legitimate interests in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region, they are placing their eggs in one broken basket. Kagame is on the way out. He has outlived his usefulness, and has become a break to progress in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region. France needs to exorcise its demons on Rwanda, and be bold enough to deal with the emerging Rwandan pro-democracy voices. That is where the future lies.
Accepting Kagame’s belligerent diplomatic gambles is not only not a sustainable basis for bilateral Franco-Rwanda relations; it is an extremely dangerous policy. It has far reaching and negative consequences for Rwanda, the Great Lakes region, Africa and international peace and security.
As the game of brinkmanship unfolds let us wait and see who blinks first: Sarkozy or Kagame?

Theogene Rudasingwa
Rwanda National Congress

In what appears as a deliberate move to take on President Paul Kagame’s international public relations campaign, exiled Rwanda generals have opened a new internet radio.

The Rwanda National Congress (RNC) leaders led by renegade General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Col. Patrick Karegeya and Kagame’s former Cabinet Secretary Theogene Rudasingwa, have announced the opening of Radio Itahuka.
Radio Itahuka, which will broadcast political programmes primarily based on democracy in Rwanda, can be accessed on
The new media platform will as well “mobilize Rwandan people for peaceful change.”
The revelation could ratchet up tensions in Rwanda considering that top Kagame critics will use the radio to shell his government. The likes of Rudasingwa have in the past given Kigali headache.
He at one time accused Kagame of shooting down former President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane, an incident that is believed to have sparked genocide in the country.
The accusation triggered a public relations nightmare for Rwanda.
Asked about the location of Radio Itahuka’s headquarters, Rudasingwa told news desk that locality does not matter.
The radio station which could attract a huge listenership especially in the Diaspora, will at 8pm today Tuesday introduce a seven part series “How Paul Kagame’s Dictatorship Works” by Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, followed by question and answer session from the general public.
On Thursday Radio Itahuka will broadcast a conversation with Gervais Condo, an advisor to RNC’s Interim Committee, on the problem of Rwandan refugees, according to Rudasingwa.
Another broadcast will be based on a conversation with Sixbert Musangamfura, FDU External Relations, on the status of the case against Ms Victoire Ingabire, President of FDU Inkingi Party on Friday at 8pm.
Then on Saturday at 8pm, Panelists Nkiko Nsengimana of FDU, Sixbert Musangamfura of FDU, Gerald Gahima of RNC, Col. Patrick Karegeya of RNC, and Joseph Ngarambe of RNC will subsequently discuss the status of the FDU-RNC Partnership.
It’s yet clear whether Radio Itahuk, can be accessed in Rwanda. The Government of Rwanda is yet to respond to this new development.

In the earlier hours of 27th Feb 2012, Dr Theogen Rudasingwa, one of the founding members of Rwanda National Congress based in the USA, interviewed Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa who is currently residing as a refugee in South Africa. The interview, which drew in a number of callers lasted almost one hour as Gen Kayumba answered questions as questions.

Dr Theogene started by sending his greetings to the Rwandese across board. Asking them to share their ideas in harmony, as it is our culture in RNC without hurrying insults like the Kigali regime.
Dr Theogene welcomed the guest and asked him to introduce himself to the listeners.
In his introduction, Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa greeted and thanked all the members of RNC around the world as well as FDU-Inkingi, Amahoro and CNR Intwali on the tremendous work done. He also told the listeners that he served as Rwandan Army Chief of staff and later became an Ambassador of Rwanda in India till 2010, when he fled to South Africa.
Dr Theogene started asking him to explain to the listeners why he parted ways with Paul Kagame.
Gen Kayumba started by explaining that he was a lawyer in Uganda and that he was not involved in the army. In 1982 while still in Uganda, because of prevailing circumstances when Rwandans had no place called home, they decided to join the army together with other Rwandese who were residing in Uganda.
In 1994, after taking over power in Rwanda, more than two million people fled the country into neighbouring countries. It was necessary for those that fled to return to their country in peace, so that we could build the nation as a whole. It wasn’t easy to achieve that because of different factors that refugees found in themselves, among them were soldiers, politicians and other people who did not want to return home.
He explained that, the RPF program during the struggle was to fight for democracy and against injustice suffered by the Rwandans and stop influx of refugees, to bring free and fair elections and to restore an independent judicial system for all Rwandans. All the above was never realised, what is even more painful is that Paul Kagame became worse than the system we were fighting. He started purging all perceived political opponents calling them his personnel enemies.
He gave an example of Joseph Sebarenzi who was targeted by Kagame who convened a meeting of RPF so that he could tarnish his image irrespective of the advice that I had given him. Kagame harassed and targeted him and wanting to kill him, he fled the country. The same trend moved to the former President Pastor Bizimungu, despite my several attempts to advice Paul Kagame on the contrary.
What hurts most is the fact that Rwandese youth have been exploited by Kagame and the generals have been turned into slaves for his personnel gains. He locks them up like doors as he pleases. He ignores that your opponents are not your enemy. He gave an example of General John who was sucked by George W Bush and another General whom was sucked by Baraka Obama during the Afghan invasion.
Under Kagame, the situation has turned for worse than what we were fighting against. Anyone who dares to ask or advice is targeted and harassed. Forcing us to flee the country and others to apologise for the crimes they never committed, for the sake of pleasing him.
Gen Kayumba cautioned those who think President Kagame represents Tutsis or their interests. He made it abundantly clearly that it is Tutsis who have suffered even more under the dictatorship of Paul Kagame . He laments of those who lost everything, their children paying with their lives for a man who has taken all the worthy of the country. He warned those who state that Paul Kagame stands for Tutsis or that Habyarimana stood for Hutus to stop using ethnic divisions for their benefit and entrenchment of their dictatorship.
Our political prevailing situtation can’t be divorced from what’s happening in the Arab world (Arab spring) Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere. Those fighting the dictators, it’s not because they are warmongers, but they are fighting for freedom and human rights. For example;
Our own Victory Ingabire, why is she incarcerated?
Charles Ntakirutinka, what crime(s) has he committed to be sentenced for ten years, Pastor Bizimungu for five years? Why? Because of starting a political party! Yet Kagame leads one! We are told they are accused of starting a rebel group. Who are the commanders? Where is the commanding structure? Where are the weapons? Where are the training grounds?
Deo Mushaid, Ntaganda among other political opponents, it has become a culture that whoever criticises him has to be incarcerated, so we must all think like him. Does he think all Rwandans are his photo copies? Even other neighbouring countries have political opponents, they demonstrate for their rights but yet they are not thrown in jails, but only Rwanda. Look at Kiza Besigye of Uganda, Etienne Tshisekedi of Democratic Republic of Congo.
So, people sit and lament that it’s a political problem and it does not concern us. Those are my problems with Paul Kagame.
More than 42 callers on the line had a chance to ask their questions to the General. Those questions and answers will be published in our next issues as Part 2 of this interview. You can follow the interview on link bellow;
Posted by RNC NEWS ONLINE at 11:50:00 PM

U Rwanda rwemeye guhumiriza, ruhitamo gufata abagabo na abasore badafite influence nta nke muri societe batuyemo mu amahanga ibajyana mu Rwanda ngo bazabere abandi urugero.
Abenshi muri abo bageze i Kigali, abasanzwe babazi bifata ku gahanga, abandi bahekenya amenyo ariko bararuca bararumira.Iyo reaction yaba yaratewe nuko bamwe muri abo basore bambaye imyenda ya Gisirikare ndetse bamwe ngo bagira ni imbunda mu gihe cyi intambara, abandi barasahura. Abandi bakanabahimbira ibinyoma kubera ko bamaze igihe hanze, kuberako FPR ariko yari yarabatoje kubavugiriza induru. Bamwe bagiye batukwa mutubari tunyuranye cyane cyane uwitwa “PETIT” kuko uyu yari ruharwa. ! Abandi nka Janvier Akingeneye; Petit Musa( Dossier rouge Belgique= drogue) Andre Ntakakaburinvano; Robert ( murumuna wa Bomboko);Maurice Rwambonera (Dossier rouge France); Alfonse Rubasha( Dossier Zurich); abo kwa Karemano;…. bose bagombye guhinduza amazina kugirango bake ubuhunzi ndetse n’ ubwenegihugu! Tuzabagezaho amadossier yabo yose tumaze kuyabona neza (biratugora kubera ikibazo cya confidentiel..ariko tuzazibona vuba). Abenshi bagiye muri Come and See baturutse mu karere ka majyaruguru. Twizereko abo mu gihugu hagati, nabo batahiwe ubutaha.
Igitangaje ni uko Politiki ya FPR yahindutse kubirebana na Diaspora cyane cyane yiganjemo Abahutu ariko ntiyabibwira Abaturage bi I gihugu. Ibi byagaragaye aho Kayumba ahungiye.
Abaturage b’u Rwanda turasaba rwose ko Governement yashaka abagabo bi imico myiza,barangwa n;umutima wa kimuntu kugirango babe aribo bahumuriza ababo babana nabo hanze. Kandi leta yagombye kumenyesha abaturage ko yahinduye Politik yo gudateza abari hanze; igafata abari mu gihugu imbere nkuko ifata benewabo bari hanze.

Umukunzi wa Rwanda Nziza i kigali Rwanda.